Instructor - David Kirk
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Microsoft Excel Training Course

Topic Terminology Projects
1 - Spreadsheet Software Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice/Calc  
2 - Templates Microsoft templates to download  
3 - File Types xlsx - new Excel file type (zipped folder)
xls - old Excel file type (before 2007)
xlsm - macro enabled file type
csv - comma separated values data file
Password Protect Workbook
Make a sheet read-only with password
4 - Basic Terminology workbook, worksheet (spreadsheet), ribbon (toolbar), tab, cell, row, column, formula bar, name box  
5 - Selecting Cells
- moving cursor around with Ctrl + Arrow Keys
- selecting rows and columns with Shift + Ctrl + Arrow Keys
- selecting nonadjacent cells with ctrl + mouse
6 - Format Cells
fonts, text color, fill color, borders, merging cells Project 1: School Enrollment

Data File: school_enrollment.xlsx
7 - Format Cells (Number)
number, currency, date, time, percentage, fraction, custom Project 2: Donut Orders

Data File: donut_orders.xlsx
8 - Basic Charts
column, bar, line, pie, area, scatter, bubble Project 3: Coffee Shop Gigs
9 - Basic Formulas
order of operations, sum, average, min, max, count, countif Project 4: Megabites Restaurant

Project 5: Converter
10 - Copy & Paste
relative versus absolute formulas, paste special Project 6: toolsale.jpg
11 - Filters
- allows you to sort and filter a table
- use advanced filter to show unique values
- remove duplicates
Data File: coffee.xlsx
12 - Named Ranges
- assign a name to a range of cells
- F3 to see a list of names to paste
- Name Manager under Formula menu
13 - Vlookup
- find things in a table by first row Project 7: coffee_summary.jpg
14 - Data Validation
- help control the type of data entered
- show a message when you click in a cell
15 - Sorting
change the order of your data Project 8: lotto.jpg
16 - Pivot Tables
a tool to summarize and analyze data Project 9: pivot.xlsx