This web site is used by David Kirk of Dallas College/Eastfield Campus.  It's purpose is to give my future, current, and former students access to online books, videos, and other resources used in my classes.  The official web site for classes is


COSC 1436   Programming 1 (Fall 2021)

COSC 1437   Programming 2 (Fall 2021)

COSC 2436   Programming 3 (Fall 2021)

COSC 2425   Computer Organization  (Summer 2021)

Excel Training Class

My Projects

Lingo Cat iPhone App - Learn Spanish and English.  This has been many years of work.  I developed many unique activities not found in any other app.

BB-8 - Fully functional BB-8. Making a 5 pound dome float on top of a spinning sphere is crazy difficult.  Here is my build video.

Build a Line Following Robot - Instruction on how to build an Arduino based line following robot.

Programming Resources

Online Java Compiler  |  Online C++ Compiler  |  Online Python Compiler

Syntax Highlighter  |  w3schools Tutorials  | 

What is a Container?  |  Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020