This web site is used by David Kirk of Eastfield College for hosting various class files.  The official web site for classes is


COSC 1301   Computer Literacy

COSC 1436   Programming 1

COSC 1437   Programming 2

COSC 2436   Programming 3

COSC 2425   Computer Organization

Excel Training Class

My Projects

Lingo Cat iPhone App - Learn Spanish and English.  This has been many years of work.  I developed many unique activities not found in any other app.

BB-8 - Fully functional BB-8. Making a 5 pound dome float on top of a spinning sphere is crazy difficult.  Here is my build video.

Build a Line Following Robot - Instruction on how to build an Arduino based line following robot.

Programming Resources

Syntax Highlighter  |  w3schools Tutorials  |  What is a Container?  |  Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020