Either submit the source code files on Ecampus under the "Submit Homework" menu option, or demo the programs to the instructor during lab.

Using x86 assembly language, write a program that converts an integer from -100 to 100 to text.

Below is a partial algorithm to convert an integer to text:
     idiv user's number by 10 and store eax into variable Quotient and edx into Remainder
     compare Quotient to 2 and jump to Twenty if equal;  compare Quotient to 3 and jump to Thirty if equal;  etc.
     Output "twenty"
     Jump to OnesDigit
     Output "thirty"
     Jump to OnesDigit
     compare Remainder to 1 and jump to One if equal;  compare Remainder to 2 and jump to Two if equal;  etc.
     Output "one"
     Jump to Ending
     Output "two"
     Jump to Ending

Example outputs
This x86 assembly program converts an integer to text.

Enter an integer from -100 to 100: 73


Enter an integer from -100 to 100: -100

negative one hundred