Upload your .java file(s) to Ecampus or Present the program to the class or demo to instructor during open lab.

Complete your game that was begun in Homework 4.  It should have the following components:

1.  An original theme
2.  Introduction screen with color ASCII art and text describing your game and theme
3.  Ending screens for player win and lose
4.  Enemies should be moved into an ArrayList
5.  Enemies can attack the player and vice versa
6.  Enemies will move toward the player
7.  A variety of Items should be added to your World such as health power-ups

Here is some code that will help:

// create an ArrayList of Enemy class and add some objects
// this belongs at the top of your program after you have created your player object
ArrayList<Enemy> Enemies = new ArrayList<Enemy>();
Enemies.add(new Enemy("Orc"));
Enemies.add(new Enemy("Dragon"));

// step through Enemy ArrayList and attack if adjacent to player
// this belongs in the gameloop after the player has moved
for (int i=0; i<Enemies.size(); i++)
   if ((Enemies.get(i).Ypos == P.Ypos && (Enemies.get(i).Xpos == P.Xpos+1)) || // player is to the left
      (Enemies.get(i).Ypos == P.Ypos && (Enemies.get(i).Xpos == P.Xpos-1)) ||  // player is to the right
      (Enemies.get(i).Xpos == P.Xpos && (Enemies.get(i).Ypos == P.Ypos+1)) ||  // player is above
      (Enemies.get(i).Xpos == P.Xpos && (Enemies.get(i).Ypos == P.Ypos-1)))    // player is below
      Enemies.get(i).HP -= P.Attack;    // Player attacks Enemy
      P.HP -= Enemies.get(i).Attack;    // Enemy attacks Player
      // Here is a more advanced attack formula that utilizes attack and armor values.
      // P.HP -= (100 * Enemy.get(i).Attack) / (100 + P.Armor)

      if (Enemies.get(i).HP <= 0)    // Enemy dies    
         P.World[Enemies.get(i).Xpos][Enemies.get(i).Ypos] = ' ';
// step through Enemy ArrayList and move towards the player
// optionally add a range variable so enemies only move towards player if within range 
for (int i=0; i<Enemies.size(); i++)
   if (Enemies.get(i).Xpos > P.Xpos)
   if (Enemies.get(i).Ypos > P.Ypos)