Submit the .cpp and .h source code files on Ecampus.

Create a file named geometry.h that will contain the following functions:


Hint: Donut/Torus volume = 2 * pi * pi * R * r * r

Food items will have these dimension:
Apple - sphere that is 3" diameter
Pizza - cylinder that is 12" diameter and 0.5" thick
Donut - 4" diameter and 2" hole  (R=1.5, r=0.5)
Ice Cream Cone - cone is 5" tall with a 2" diameter; it has one scoop of ice cream that's a 2.5" diameter sphere

Create a program named food.cpp that asks the user how many apples, pizzas, donuts, and ice cream cones they will eat.  Tell the user the total volume of food they will eat.

Please turn in both the geometry.h file and food.cpp

2. Write a program called lol.cpp that allows the user to enter a sentence.  Then program then searches the sentence for various lolspeak abbreviations and substitutes them with the proper words. 

You should have a function named LOLSpeak that takes your sentence, abbreviation, and translation as parameters and returns the corrected sentence:

string LOLSpeak(string S, string Abbr, string Translation)

Make your program work with the three abbreviations below AND at least 7 more of your own (total 10).  You may assume that there is a space before and after your abbreviation. 

Search for this Replace it with this
" u " " you "
" lol " " laughing out loud "
" brb " " be right back "

Note: You cannot use a normal cin statement to input a sentence (it truncates after the first space).  Use the getline function:

String S;

Program 2 Example Output

This program will correct ur lolspeak abrreviations.
Enter a sentence:
I think that u are lol at my joke.

The corrected sentence:
I think that you are laughing out loud at my joke.

Extra Credit #1: Check if the abbreviation is at the beginning or end of a sentence.
Extra Credit #2: Have your abbreviations and replacements in a file that is read in and processed.