Binary Exercises

1. How many bits in a byte?                       How many bits in three bytes?

2. Using the windows calculator, fill in the blanks in the following table.

Decimal Binary Hexadecimal










3. If you are counting in binary, what is the next number after 1101011?

4. What are the ASCII numbers for the word "apple"?

5. Translate the binary ASCII numbers below into characters.

1010100  1000111  1001001  1000110

6. Assuming an MP3 song is approximately 8 megabytes in size, how many songs could you fit on a 256 GB hard drive?

7. If you have a 32 GB flash drive, how many 5 MB photographs would fit on it?

8. (a) Another name for the program code that you write.

    (b) Another name for converting the program code to an executable.

    (c) What is the CPU's native language?                  Is it the same for all CPU's?