Homework 5


Create a PowerPoint presentation about your life

It should have 4 slides:

1.    Introduction Slide - e.g. "The Story of My Life..."
2.    Your Past History - e.g. "Where I came from..."
3.    Your Present - e.g. "What I am doing today..."
4.    Your Future - e.g. "What I will be doing in the future..."

Your PowerPoint should include the following:

(1) Pictures and text on every slide.  At a minimum, you should have a few lines to a couple of paragraphs of text about your life on each slide.

(2) Sounds from the clip organizer.

(3) Animations of text and pictures on every slide.  You should include entrance animations, emphasis animations, and at least one motion path animation in your PowerPoint.  You can watch my YouTube tutorials on how to do the animations.  Animations of text and pictures should not require a mouse click to appear.  Slide transitions should require a mouse click, however.  Therefore, it should take no more than 4 mouse clicks to view your entire PowerPoint.

(4) One MP3 song.  The song should play automatically without having to click the mouse.  Please only insert one song since the file sizes of MP3's are large.  You may want to insert the music on slide 1 and have it play throughout all 4 slides.    If you do not have any mp3 music, then look in your My Document > My Music folder - Windows has a couple of sample songs you can use.

Important if you are not using PowerPoint 2007 or below: For older version of PowerPoint, the music you insert does not embed automatically into the PowerPoint file.  Before you insert the song, you should copy the mp3 file to the same folder as your PowerPoint file.  Now you can insert the song, but it is still not embedded in PowerPoint file.  Therefore, you must e-mail the MP3 file along with your PowerPoint file.