Homework 1
Binary / File Extensions / Privacy


Questions 1 - 8 are worth 6 points each.  Question 9 is worth 10 points.  Question 10 is worth 20 points.  Questions 11 is worth 20 points.

1. (a)  A bit can represent a decimal number between 0 and _____
    (b)  A byte can represent a decimal number between 0 and _____

2. (a)  How many bits in one byte? _____      
    (b)  How many bits in eight bytes? _____

3. Convert these decimal numbers to binary numbers.  Use the windows calculator in programmer mode or this web site to convert.
    (a)  2
    (b)  16
    (c)  255 

4. Convert these binary bytes to a decimal.

    (a)  1011001 = ______        1100101 = ______        1110011 = ______
    (b)   Using the ASCII chart, what do these three letters spell? ______

5. Assuming an MP3 song is 5 megabytes in size, how many songs could you fit on a 200 GB solid state drive?

6. How many 1 GB video files can you fit on a 1 TB hard drive?

7. Your phone has 12 GB of available memory.  How many 700 MB movies can you download to it?

8. How many megapixels are the pictures from these cameras? (Please round to the nearest megapixel)

    (a) The iPhone 6 takes pictures that are 3264 x 2448 pixels.
    (b) The Galaxy S5 takes pictures that are 5312 x 2988 pixels.

9. Identify the operating system (OS) that comes with each of these devices.  You do not need to state the version of the OS.  You may need to look these up on Google.

    (a)  What OS comes on an iPhone or iPad?
    (b)  What OS comes on a Samsung Galaxy Phone?
    (c)  What OS comes on a Microsoft Surface Pro?
    (d)  What OS comes on an Apple MacBook?
    (e)  What OS comes on a Chromebook?

10. Files have an extension (for example .jpg) that tell what type they are.  Answer the questions below using the File Explorer screen print.  You may need to look the file extensions up on Google.

(a) How are the files sorted (name, date modified, or size)?

(b) Which item is a folder?

(c) What is the name of the largest file?

(d) Which file extension is a program?

(e) Which file extensions are images?

(f) Which file extensions are audio?

(g) Which file extensions are videos?

(h) Which file extensions are Word documents?

(i) Which file extensions are Excel spreadsheets?

(j) Which file extensions are PowerPoint presentations?
folder with files - boat.png, cat.mov, Chapter3.ppt, directions.docx, HW3.xlsx, main_menu.jpg, MegaBite.accdb, My Life.pptx, Nwind.mdb, Paper.doc, scanner1.avi, sfx.wav, signin.xls, SoundBoard.exe, Star Wars.mp3, Star_Trek.wma

11. Answer the following questions from these two Sixty Minutes segments.

Data Brokers

(a) What is the name of the largest data broker?
(b) Which data broker allows you to buy lists of people with STD's?
(c) What software program allows you to see all the 3rd parties tracking you on web sites?
(d) What game app can be used to track your every movement?
(e) What two companies are members of one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington?

A Face in the Crowd

(f) Which home appliance already has facial recognition technology?
(g) In what movie was Tom Cruise's character recognized and bombarded with adds?
(h) What company is working on a sign that changes its advertisement after recognizing your gender and age?
(i) What is the name of the app that recognizes you when you walk into a restaurant or store and sends a coupon to your phone?
(j) What company has a database with billions and billions of photos?