Homework 3
Microsoft Word


Questions 1 - 2 are worth 10 points each.  Question 3 is worth 20 points.  Questions 4-5 are worth 25 points each

What are the Word keyboard shortcuts do the following?

  (a)  cut
  (b)  copy          
  (c)  paste          
  (d)  bold
  (e)  undo
(f)  save
(g)  find
(h)  page break
(i)  justify - center
(j)  justify - left

2. Answer these questions
   (a)  By definition, how tall is a 72-point font when printed?
   (b)  What do you call the word processing function automatically moves a word to the next line if it doesn't fit?
   (c)  When you save a Word document, what is the default file extension?
   (d)  What Word file extension is used for a document that may contain macros and scripts?
   (e)  What Word function may put a red squiggly line under some words in a document?

3. Complete the following

    a. Using SmartArt, create this organizational chart.
        In Word, go to Insert, SmartArt, Hierarchy

    b.  Insert a text box in the middle of the page. 
         Type what you would rather be doing in the text box.
         In Word, go to Insert, Text Box

    c. Use the equation editor to create this equation. 
        Make the size 36 pt.
        In Word, go to Insert, Equation

4. Using maps.google.com, find a satellite image of somewhere you would like to visit (e.g. Eiffel Tower).  Take a screen capture and paste it into your document.  In Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool.  Crop the picture so that only the image is showing (not the rest of the web page).

Write a paragraph about this place and why you would like to visit it.  Use your own words and do not copy from the Internet.

For this paragraph only, set the line spacing to 1.5 and fully justified (aligned on left and right margin).


5. Create the table shown below and follow these instructions:

(a)  Start with a table that has 3 rows and 2 columns.  The table should have a 1" left and right margin.
(b)  Set all the borders of the table to be 2 1/4 pt width.
(c)  Merge the cells in 1st row for the title.
(d)  The main title (Robots & AI) font should be Arial 48 pt bold.  The color should be white.
(e)  The subtitles font should be Arial 18 pt bold.  Their color should be black.
(f)  The cells containing the titles should be shaded a color of your choice.
(g)  The paragraphs text should be Calibri 12 pt and single line spacing.
(h)  Follow the additional instructions in the table below.